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Did you hear me ask your advice?

Did you hear me ask your advice?
17 September
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First Name | Sara
Middle Name | Beth
Last Name | Reinheimer
NickName | Ra...i'd like to thank work for that one
Date of Birth | 09.17
Height | 4`10ish
Weight | 98 pounds
Hair Color | Brown
Eye Color | brown
Skin Color | tan
Piercings | 4 on left ear and 6 on my right. And I also have my belly button pierced. And I have my tounge period. Making a grand total of 12 piercings!
Status | Single...

Favorite Color | hot pink, lime green & black
Favorite Candy | Twix, Peach Rings, Sour Patch Kids, Starbursts, Laffy Taffys, Cotton Candy, Caramel
Favorite Book | A Child Called It, The Lost Boy, Romeo & Juliet, Cut, Carrie, Ella Enchanted, Dave at Night, and many others.
Favorite Author | Shakespeare & Gail Carson Levine
Favorite Movie | Thirteen & Seabiscuit & Thumbelina & SLC Punk
Favorite Animal | kittens, horses, duckies, foxes, wolves

Things That Put A Smile On My Face |
walks on the beach walks through the park getting lost in the starry sky hot showers roses candles horseback riding fearies photography art anime movies music smiles hugs kisses neck kisses body kisses being in love cuddling crisp autumn mornings the cold winter air a warm summer breeze snow snowball fights snow angels precious moments warm blankets fireplaces chocolate covered strawberries rainbows christmas my birthday >valentines day pirates tinkerbell the word toxic being myself

Things That Make Me Want To Chop My Head Off |
drama queens being cheated on periods sluts bad hair days two faced bitches bitches braggers fake people people who judge haters racists rudness wannabes backstabbers show offs being lied to people being mad at me being ignored not being old enough sickness small enclosed places bullies being in love with someone but they don't love you back watching the person you love/love someone else getting hurt

A Bit of Extra Information |
Being the way that I am I just bottle my emotions up inside. I don't like to let people know that I cry, because it makes me feel like a baby. I try and act like the carefree, happy girl; always wearing a smile. Some people buy it...Some don't. I can get annoyed pretty easily, and i can rip your head off if i want to. When someone first meets me in person, I am really shy. I usually don't like to talk much because I feel that I never have the right words to say. Things usually come out wrong. I have a horrible self confidence, though it may not seem so. You could give me all the compliments in the world and one insult and I would live off the insult and try to make you think different. I'm really bad at that; I love to make everyone happy; therefore I am sometimes not myself around people. I love to talk to people about there problems; which comes to another one of my major flaws, I focus too much on other peoples problems and never try to fix my own. People always come first and I'm come last if even that. It takes me awhile to trust people, but in the end it's all good.I get quite hyper and often get on the nerves of people. I still say I am the most boring person you know. I like to eat and spend way to much time on the computer. I only talk to one person on the phone. I wear too much eyeliner, I can never get enough of it. I have done a lot of fucked up things in my life; I have cut; drink; smoke. You name it; I've been there, this might be one of the major reasons I relate to so many people. I love to color. I tend to be a perfectionist and make sure everything is right and organized. I take pride in many things. One of which is my creativity. I don't show it that much but when I do; you can tell I actually have a talent. Writing and reading are a major pastime beside the obvious endless hours I spend on the computer.

I never let people know who I am right away, people have to get to know me. I'm good at giving second chances, and only second chances. I never regret anything I do, we're all supposed to make mistakes. Expect anything from me, because I'm not the most typical person. I'd never lie about myself, because I have nothing to lie about. If you don't like who I am, I'm not going to change for you, or anybody else. I stick to what I believe in, and I'm stubborn about it. I do alot of expressing myself through things that come from my mind, espically my words and my art. I have a hair dying obsession and not just on my own head. I hate people who think they're hot shit when they're not. Or at least when I don't think they are. I always get my way and if I don't I'll find a way to. I love revengeand I'm always ten times better. I'm a big walking secret. You think you know one thing until you find out another. I'll fuck with your mind not your face. Nothing is open about me, except for my mind. I get along with almost everyone, and I'm always game for talking to anyone. Simple things are the things that make me happiest. Night drives, letters in the mail, little kisses and big hugs are the little things that could steal my heart away.

I am very spontaneous and am always doing what I can to have a good time. I absolutely love road trips, though I have never been on one. I love just sitting around with a few close friends and laughing. A lot of assumptions are made about me because I do not open myself up to people. So people feel the need to spread rumors and lies to get excitment going out. I use to go to a lot of shows but I haven't really gone to one recently. I also tend to block people out of things and that often gets me into a lot of trouble with them. But things mostly always turn out good in the end.

Some Tunes I Listen To |
311 a static lullaby. across five aprils. alexisonfire. alkaline trio. the all-american rejects. allister. anatomy of a ghost. apathy. as i lay dying. atmosphere atreyu at the drive in. atreyu. bob marley. boys night out. brand new. breaking benjamin. bright eyes. catch 22. the clash. coheed & cambria. dashboard confessional. deathcab for cutie. the early november. eighteen visions. emery. evergreen terrace. everytime i die. fairweather. the fall of troy. fall out boy. finch. from autumn to ashes. from first to last. haste the day. hawthorne heights. heiroglyphics. hellogoodbye. in flames. incubus. jedi mind tricks. jimi Hendrix. less than jake. the killers. letter kills. like yesterday. my chemical romance. the mars volta. matchbook romance. minor threat. misery signals. misfits modest mouse. MXPX. my american heart. never heard of it. new found glory. natile something. papa roach. pennywise. people under the stairs. the pixies the postal service. pretty girls make graves. rage against the machine. reggie and the full effect. relient k. saves the day. senses fail. silverstein. sixpense none the richer. something corporate. sparta. sugatcult. taking back sunday. the spill canvas. straylight run. the sundays. sunny day real estate. thrice. thursday. the used. thousand foot krutch. three days grace. tsunami bomb. thursday. underoath. yellowcard. yesterdays rising.

abandoned houses, acting, anime, anti-flag, argile socks, art, at the drive in, atreyu, back rubs, baggy pants, baseball hats, bass guitar, beanies, being loved, black, black roses, bmxing, body kisses, bondage straps, books, boyfriends, boys, braclets, candles, care bears, chistmas, chucks, computers, cowboy bebop, crazy nail polish, daria, ddr, death, drawing, dreams, ear kisses, eyes, faeries, fall, finch, fishnet, flowers, friends, from autumn to ashes, group dates, groups of people, guitar, hair dye, hair extensions, handbands, hoodies, horns, hot pink, hot topic, hugs, ice, journals, kisses, kisses on the neck, kittie, kitty ears, korn, liberty spikes, life, lime green, livejournal, local bands, long hair, love, making out, metallica, mountain dew, mowhawks, mudvayne, music, neck kisses, patches, pennywise, photography, pictures, piercings, pink floyd, pink hair, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, ps2, purple, rage against the machine, rain, rainbows, rancid, reading, red, role playing, roses, sailor moon, shakespeare, short/spikey hair, showers, single dates, skateboarding, sketching, slipknot, slushies, smile empty soul, snow, snowboarding, snowflakes, softball, spells, spiked things, stars, staying out late, stripy socks, studded things, summer, surfing, sweatshirts, tatoos, tears, the beach, the casualties, the colors black, the dark, the nightmare before christmas, tinkerbell, un-nartual hair color, valentines day, vermont, wayne, webdesigns, wierdness, window seats, wings, witchcraft, writing, x, xanga